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MESMERA 24, MESMERA 24, the technical fest of MES Institute of Technology and Management, harmoniously integrates various engineering sciences, highlighting their best aspects and fostering a fusion of engaging competitions and activities for students across the MES campus.

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ETHNIC DAY,Unlock the colors of culture! 🌟 Dress up and get ready to shine in your best attire for Ethnic Day. Let's make it a celebration to remember!"


Coding Competitions

Grab a coffee and come prove your programming and problem solving skills in our tricky head-scratching events


Get hands on experience with circuits and robotics as you brainstorm and build working projects with your friends

Workshop & Tech Talks

Come attend our talks from various fields of Science that pique your curiosity and fuel that budding Engineer in you

Games & Quizzes

Bring in your squad and get competitive with or against them, in our fun-filled tech themed activites and games

Why join us?

Get new perspectives of engineering beyond the scope of your courses

Gain hands-on experience in technical fields of your interest

Discover competitions and events that intrigue and inspire you

Connect with students and faculty with similar interests

And most importantly, have fun as you learn!


What We Do.

May 02

Color Carnival


Transforming faces into living art, one stroke at a time. 🎨✨ #FacePaintingCompetitioN


May 02

Henna Hues


Let your creativity flow and your designs bloom at our Henna Drawing Competition!


May 02

Battle of the Mouth

Inter-collage personality contest

Step into the spotlight and let your personality steal the show in the Battle of the Mouths! Charm, wit, and charisma will reign supreme. Join the ultimate showdown of personalities and let yours shine brighter than ever before! ✨

Venue: Main Stage

May 03

Mr & Miss Mesmera


Mr. and Miss Mesmera is a talent competition to crown the college idols. Participants showcase their talents, charm, and personality through performances and Q&A sessions. Judges assess based on creativity, stage presence, and communication skills. Winners receive titles and prizes, enhancing college spirit.

Venue: Collage Auditorium

May 03

Grand Jeté

Dance Competition

"Mesmera 2024 hosts an Intercollegiate Group Dance Competition, where teams compete with creative flair. Strict rules ensure fair play, including no common members between teams and a 10-minute time limit. Judges' decisions are final. Get ready to witness a showcase of talent and rhythm!".

Venue: College Auditorium

May 03

Mesmera Fashion Night

Intercollegiate Designer Fashion Show

Dive into the world of haute couture at MESMERA 2024's Intercollegiate Designer Fashion Show, powered by @delineo.india. Showcasing creativity and style, teams compete under strict guidelines, from time limits to wardrobe standards. Don't miss the chance to witness cutting-edge fashion and fierce competition.

Venue: Main stage

May 03

Beat battle


"Unleash your lyrical powers and own the stage in our rap competition! Show the world what you've got and spit fire with us. Join now and let your talent shine!" 🎤🔥

Venue: Main stage

May 04

Solo Rythm


Stepping into the spotlight, let the rhythm become your muse. 💃🎶

Venue: Main stage

May 04

Resin Artistry


Join us for an exciting resin art workshop where you'll learn to create stunning pieces of art using resin as your medium. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, this workshop is perfect for anyone looking to explore the world of resin art. 🖼

Venue: Not declared

Check out our Mesmera special edition T-shirt for the college event of the year! Limited stock – get yours now!


Life is a collage of events.

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