Beat Battle


"Unleash your lyrical powers and own the stage in our rap competition! Show the world what you've got and spit fire with us. Join now and let your talent shine!" 🎤🔥


Rules and regulations

  • Registration: Emcees sign up to compete.
  • Bracket Setup: Organizers create a bracket or randomly assign matchups
  • Round Structure: Each emcee takes turns to perform.
  • Time Limits: Set a time limit for each round, usually around 1-2 minutes per rapper.
  • •Judging: Judges evaluate based on delivery, flow, and creativity.
  • Crowd Reaction: Audience response may influence judges' decisions.
  • Elimination: Participants are eliminated based on judges' scores or bracket outcomes.
  • Fair Play: Enforce rules against cheating or unsportsmanlike behavior.
  • Prizes: Winner receives prizes and recognition.
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    Where to Find Us

    MES Institute of Technology and Management,
    KOLLAM - 691572.