Mesmera Fashion Night


Dive into the world of haute couture at MESMERA 2024's Intercollegiate Designer Fashion Show, powered by @delineo.india. Showcasing creativity and style, teams compete under strict guidelines, from time limits to wardrobe standards. Don't miss the chance to witness cutting-edge fashion and fierce competition. Contact ZAYN or FATHIMA to participate. Judges' decisions are final. Get ready to witness a showcase of talent and rhythm!"


Rules and regulations

  • It is compulsory for all participants and non-participants to carry their college IDs on the college premises.
  • Ceilings are not applied to the number of teams from a single college. However, cross-college teams will not be permitted.
  • Time limit: 10+4 min; empty to empty. Each team will have 3-5 minutes to interact with the judges.
  • Each team is responsible for clearing the stage after the performance. Exceeding the time limit may cost points.
  • Background music should be in mp3 format and submitted on CDs and USBs.
  • The decision of the judges will be final and cannot be questioned.
  • Team size: maximum 20; 1-5 designers; and 15-20 models.
  • Obscenity, vulgarity, and wardrobe malfunctions may lead to automatic team disqualification.
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    Where to Find Us

    MES Institute of Technology and Management,
    KOLLAM - 691572.